A video by the name “A Journey Through Moden Art” has been circulated on the internet. The video shows Piet Mondrian's oeuvre as an evolution process, starting from a tree and reaching the late abstract compositions, where all the paintings become parts of one ideal evolving image.

It should be known that this way of seeing Mondrian has been introduced for the first time in 2005 by Michael Sciam in his essay "Piet Mondrian, An Explanation of the Work".

The aforesaid video appears to be an unauthorized visual transposition of the text written by Sciam. It probably serves the purpose of creating a sort of neutral reference for somebody who is now trying to use Sciam's ideas without having to recognize the original source.

Unfortunately, some art critics cannot accept the very natural fact that sometimes an artist can explore paintings in a deeper way.
Some chief curators are more concerned with promoting themselves rather than supporting scholarship and progress; especially if these come from an indipendent artist. It is an old story in the relationship between artists and academicians.
An artist is not so much concerned with power and media visibility. An artist is mainly concerned with beauty and the power of ideas.

There are signs of further acts of plagiarism in the form of new videos, exhibitions and exhibition catalogs those people are now producing in order to sell Sciam's ideas as their own. Additional information on this will be published at a later stage.

Interesting news on this will soon be published (20.03.2019)