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Michael Sciam is an artist: painter, photographer and art theorist.

This is what Sciam says about his own work on Mondrian:

"I would never have imagined myself writing a work of art criticism. I am a painter and the alphabet in which I express myself is one made up of shapes and colors.
I did not find Mondrian. It was rather one of his paintings, namely Broadway Boogie Woogie, that presented itself along my path as a discreet pointer and a source of wisdom, as simple and inaccessible as water from the fountainhead.

I remember how I used to go to the Museum of Modern Art during the first few years of my stay in New York (1980-85) and stand for ages in front of that canvas without actually understanding very much. I had studied modern art and Mondrian at university. I intuitively felt that there was a great deal in that painting but could see nothing at all of what I was later to discover over the years.
In a way that I could not explain, my eye already glimpsed the content that reflection then brought to light over the following ten years.

I moved to Berlin in 1985. For those of us in the western sector, Berlin was an ideal place to live, to think, and above all to create.
I began to study Broadway Boogie Woogie in order to clarify some things to myself. Having started almost as a game, I discovered an entire world in that painting in the space of a few years. I followed my heart along this path far more than my head, which has instead served to express everything felt by the heart in the clearest possible terms. This work is the fruit not only of an intellectual process but also of an existential pathway stretching for nearly twenty years."

Here is Michael Sciam's personal website.