In April 2009 Sciam has sent an extract of his Mondrian studies to the "Fondazione Filiberto Menna" in Salerno (Italy). Sciam has had Filiberto Menna as professor at the university of Rome.

As of March 2010 Sciam's book "Piet Mondrian, An Explanation of the Work" has been added to the Online Catalog of the NYC MoMA Library, Archives and Study Centers.

On March 30th 2018 Sciam sent the links of these and other web pages on Mondrian to the present director of the Mondriaanhuis in Amersfoort Mr. Baltus. Once again no answer ever came. Who knows what Mr. Baltus is really there for.

These people have little respect for Mondrian's work; they are rather concerned
with themselves and feel they have to protect their reputation by ignoring substantial contributions to the understanding of Mondrian's work (see Mr. Joop M. Josten statement) if these unexpectedly come from a source external to their enclosed milieu. It sounds outrageous to these bureaucrats that an artist and art theorist can see more than them.
They seem to forget that Mondrian was an artist.